Friday, December 18, 2009



Tuesday, December 8, 2009

poetry friday

The Falling Seed

Did you ever hear about the apple that fell off the tree branch?
over time it became part of the earth.
will the seed plant itself?
pull water from the ground ?
funny how it knows what it needs
clouds clear the sky giving off heat
and light
the seed will grow and mature
and break through earth's surface
it will learn to breathe oxygen
over time it will grow into something
who would have ever thought something so small
could be so important in the earth's life?

by Melissa Phillips

Monday, December 7, 2009

Good Poems By: Garrison Keillor

This is a book full of different types of poems.The way that the book is set up is in catagories. There are short Poems and there are longer poems. Some are shorter then a page and some are two pages long. It is a very quick read. You do not have to read it in order, you can skip around and read waht you want.i recomend this for adults and young adults. There are 433 pages in this book, but they go by fast.

Gentle's Holler By:Kerry Madden

This is a book about a girl named Livy Two that lives with her 8 younger siblings and 1 older brother, and her two poor parents.They live in North Carolinia in the hills in an old broken house. Their dad writes music and goes around trying to sell it. Never does tho. Their mom does not work she is always tending to the little ones. Livy Two's three year old sister is going blind. Her family is stuggling to survive. The kids find a nice dog and try to train it so thats it can be Gentle's guide dog. They all are trying to help the family make sure that Gentle it healthy.
In a way this is a sad story. It broke my heart to see that the family had such a hard time to make it another week. this is a good book tho.
It is for young adults, and adults. It is 237 pages. There are a lot of suprises in this book.

Light in the attic By: Shel Silverstein

This book is full of poems. There are short Poems and longer poems. There are pictures to go with the poems.So many different types of poems. Poems from a poem about a thumb hand to shapes. I like this book because I like poems, the poems are funny.The pictures will make anyone laugh.If you like to laugh and smile and randoms poems that some times dont make any sence then this is the book for you .It is 186 pages but a quick read. It is a good book to read to the young ones.

Charmed Hounted by Desire By: Constance M.Burge

This is a book from a series, this series is about three witches that deal with a lot of problems, other witches and demonds. In this book Phoebe desides that she wants to go to college to make her life a little better.
When in one of her classes she meets a man named bret, they start dating and it's all good till his ex gets jealous.
Phoebe's sisters start fighting over a guy. Bad stuff always happens when new people come into the three sisters lifes. Pipper and Phoebe and Prue(the three whitches)have to keep the fact that they are witches a secret so they go through a lot making sure it stays that way.
I just like the series Charmed because I just like the fact that it is a mystery. The book is 181 pages. Not to long. If you like withches mystery and conflict this is the book for you.