Monday, April 26, 2010

Elizabethan Women

I am learning about William Shakespear. Here are some interesting facts about the time period that he lived in, and the time period that Elizabethan Women lived.
1.Some females that came from a noble or wealthy family sometimes had the right to get an Education,if they were lucky enough to get the education then you would start getting tutored at the age 5 or even younger.
2. Women that were not wealthy or nobility did not get an education from school, woman were ment to learn how to govern a household,and to to be a housewife. All the skills that the woman learned were ones on how to raise children and to cook and to clean ect.....
3. When woman get married the are responsible to bring(Dowry)like dishes and quilts or money that they bring into the marriage.
4.Woman were expected to obey all the men that are in their family including the fathers, brothers, uncles, ect....