Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hold Still by Nina LaCour

Hold Still is about two best friends named Caitlin and Ingrid. They do everything together. They are like sisters. Caitlin and Ingrid tell each other everything, at least Caitlin thought. Caitlin's life fell apart when Ingrid kills herself,she slit her wrists and bled to death. Caitlin lost all her interest for every thing she did before her best friend was gone. When it comes time to go back to school she does not want to! She is invisible to the world . No one looks at her or pays attention to her. She has to go the her Photography class. Caitlin and Ingrid were in this class last here and they loved it, they got to take pics and have fun times together. But this year her teacher pays no attention to her, her class mates don't look at her or talk to her. She knows this all because she was best friends with the girl who took her life. Then one day Caitlin was in her room and found Ingrid's journal under her bed. She is scared to read it. Then she comes to reading a page when she is upset.
This is a book for young teens or adults, this book teaches about how that it hurts others but taking your life.You have to be able to read sad stories. This book is 228 pages but they go by fast. Through out of the book there is a page from Ingrid's journal.