Monday, June 14, 2010

this class

I feel as tho I learned a lot from this class. I learned how to make writing fun and colorful.....
the sky is blue the colors are bright, and it is still but just a little bit of wind and the whole thing will be a different picture. On different days in this class I learned something new, and I discovered something new about me!!! walking into this class sad was just not a option Mrs.Deraps always had something fruit cooked up for us to do.... she always had us do fun things, unless we were bad then she would have something boring planed but most the time we was GOOD for her =)

Poetry Friday

I had a lot of fun doing poetry friday... we did a lot of cool things with poems like taking candy hearts and taking a valentines poem and writing a word on each candy heart and making into a Concrete poem. We also did a youtube video about the book "Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson".
That was fun, we wrote on big cards a word or saying from the poem that we wrote as a class, the poem is the spoken words on the video. I liked doing that project. We did a poem in your pocket where we found a poem that we liked and wrote it on a piece of paper and decorated the paper and made it pretty..

This Year!!!!

This year i learned a lot.. to tell you the truth I did not know the story about romeo and juliet... so I learned all about that and I learned how to blog haha. I liked the fact that we did a lot of fun exiting activities instead of just sitting down and writing on paper.I also learned that Mrs.Deraps has a better day when she has her Dunkin Donuts =)..... I love the SSR(Silent Sustained Reading) it got me to want to read more and not just act like i reading lol( not that i actually did that shhhh..) I liked how we would read the required books together and then we would have conversations about them and make sure that we all understood it. Our English class id like one big happy family. We help each other and make sure we all know what we are suppost to be doing(this helps the kids that don't pay attention) I hope nxt year is just like this year but different ha I learned how to write better and to read more ha ill be doing a lot of reading this summer!!!

Crank by Ellen Hopkins

Crank by Ellen Hopkins
This book is about a girl named Kristina. She is a healthy and smart girl. She lives with her mom. Then she goes to visit her dad,while she is visiting her father she discovers the "monster". While she is on monster she finds another person within her.she falls in love with a boy and she finds out he has another girl but they still love eachother, then Kristina had to go back to her moms....i really liked this book because it tought me a lot about crank.... i also love that there are more books by ellen that are like this one.This book is recommended for teens i think that boys and girls would like this book. There are 544 page, but it deff is a quick read, the pages are not ful they are written in poem like forms.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

acrostic elegy

in class we did acrostic elegy poems and they had to be something that that was lost in juliet like love or romance and the ones i did are the ones on this blog.... i did truelove because the love is still there but i cant be shown.... and i also did togetherforever because they togetherforever..... they love eachother and killed them selfs for eachother.