Friday, January 22, 2010

Things on my mind!!!

In class we should talk about real live stories about things that have happened I think that we should talk more about rapes,death sentence,murders, kids our ages doing bad stuff,problems all around the world, how dangerous it is to do stuff on the internet.
If talking bout real live stories and things that happen makes people relize what is happening out there,being aware, knowing what not to do. I like talking bout this stuff with a group rather then looking at it on the internet. Some of these topics are really hard for me to talk bout but I want to learn more and tell people about what has happened to me, I would also like to teach other people bout how hard it is to deal with some problems.

"I am the Pig" by Ann Turner

I am the pig
and you are the wolf
waiting at the door
to gobble me up
and chew on my bones,
then spit me out
and nobody is Big enough
or fast enough
or sees enough
to keep it from

This poem relates to the book "Speak" because it is like Melinda is the pig and Andy Evans is the wolf. Andy knows that if he keeps scaring Melinda that she will not say anything about what he did to her. Andy shows up every where that Melinda is, makes her afraid. Melinda is afraid he will do it again. Melinda can not tell anyone so No one can help her.Melinda wanted to hide, never come out. When she was strong enough she became the wolf and Andy was the scared Pig.

Blogging Fun!!!!

Me becoming a Blogger has changed my English perspective. I like no love blogging. It has made it easier for me to do my work. I like typing a lot better then writing. I type faster then I write on paper. I also like blogging because you can put a cluster map on your blog and you can see where other people look at your blog. It is really cool that other people can see my posts. It is really cool that I can go and look at other peopls blogs and I can get an idea of good books and I can read other peoples poems. I love the fact that we are saving paper by blogging on the net then writing on a lot of paper that will get thrown away. Right now I have 16 views on my blog, 14 from the United States, 1 from Poland,and 1 from Netherlands. That is really cool. I would have never thought that people from over there would be reading my blog.

Hoot by Carl Hiaasen

The book that I am reading is called "Hoot" by Carl Hiaasen. This book is about a boy named Roy. He moves from Montana. He does not really fit in tho, He has no friends. One day he is sitting on the bus listening to the school bully pick on some little kid in the back of the bus. He looks out the window and sees a strange boy running,really fast. No shoes shorts, Blonde hair. Hes interested now and wants to know more.Next thing Roy knows Dana Matherson(school bully) is right behind him choking him. Roy just does what any normal person that is get hurt does, he punches him. Roy gets free and runs off the bus,bumping into a tall slim girl. He keeps running.
A new Pancake place is being built in Coconut Cove. Everyone is happy about it. Except someone is going around stalling the constuction site. Taking stakes out and scaring watch dogs, other stuff. Someone does not wont this pancake house to be built. Roy gets into some trouble and some he did not know about.
I have read this book 3 times. It is just one of those books that you love. I love how it's fun to think about what's going to happen next in the book.
This is a book for young readers. Someone who loves happy endings.This book is only 292 pages long. This is a novel. There is another book that is called flushed by Carl Hiaansen. Also another good book.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Martin Luther King Post Card

Today in class we made post cards with Martin Luther King Quotes. We found a picture that made us feel like it made the quote stand out. This is the one I made.

words that relate to monster

My words are: Truth, Justice

How the word Truth is related to the book Monster is because Steve wants the truth to come out even if it causes him pain. He wants everyone to know what really happened on that day.
The word testify would relate to the book monster because Steve and the other boys have to testify so that the jury can find out if they think that they are innocent or guilty.

Monday, January 11, 2010

My Opinion: Capital Punishment

I think that the Capital Punishment is a very bad idea I think that it should be COMPLETLY eliminated. It is so wrong no one deserves to die like that. I think that sitting in jail and suffering is a lot better then doing something bad and then just dying and not suffering. The more the pain for some one that did something bad the better. But if you did not do it and is getting blamed then u should defenetly not get the CP. I do not like the idea of injection of drugs to kill someone.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I have mixed feelings bout this. I really do not know. He keeps hinting that he had some involvment in this but then again he does not seem like that type of 16 year old that has that heart to. I do not really understand why he would want to risk his life by doing something like this and going to jail. He lives in a place around a lot of crime and knows a lot of people that have been in trouble with crime so I would think that he knows what happens and how that jail is a waste of you life. I want more details and infomation before I judge.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

21 years 3 months

If I was to get put into jail today and was in there for 21 years and 3 months, I would be 37 years old when I got out.
It probably would be really hard for me to get a job or even make a living because of my past life even if I did not do it.
If I was in jail for that long, I probably would kill myself because I would not be able to take the stress and problems. If I did make it that long and could not get a job or make money some how, I probably would be a bum. If i would not have been put in jail I would want to have had children and had a husband. I probably would not have that because I have lost half of my life sitting in the jail. I could have worst depression problems and some thing could have happened to me that would make it hard for me to want to live. I probably would not be able to find some one who would marry me because he probably would not want someone with a criminal past to be the mother of his children.