Monday, October 25, 2010

Glass By Ellen Hopkins

This book is the second book in the series of three. The book is about a girl named Kristina or other wise known as Bree.
The book before Glass is called Crank, and in the end of Crank Kristina was spend her money on crank and she has not been taking the best care of her son Hunter.
In Glass Kristina she starts out clean,she has not used crank in months, but then she starts to go down hill again. She is always struggling because she knows that she should not be using but she just wants to feel like she does not have any problems. She meets a supplier and gets close to him.
The closer she gets to Trey(the supplier) the more she goes down hill. Kristina and her mom are not doing so well, Kristina is pushing her mother away.Hunter is growing up and needs his mom!
This book is a very fast read, it is written is poem form. There are 681 pages but the go by fast! I really like this book, I can't put it down once I get started.
My teacher introduced me to this author, I am so glad she did

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