Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fallout by Ellen Hopkins

The book that I read was called Fallout it is a series of two other books. Nineteen years after glass this book takes place.This book is in the perspective of Kristina's oldest children, Hunter, Summer, Autumn, Hunter is her first child. She is addicted to crank so her parents raise Hunter.

This book shows how very different the 3 kids lives are. Kristina and the children's fathers are not in their lives. Hunter is the only one that has contact with his mothers parents at first.. Then later in the book..Kristina's younger boys end up moving in with kristina's parents... Her parents are stressed...

I would recommend this book to teen age girls...... or even teen boys who like drama and books that leave u wondering and books in poems... This book is 672 pages long, but it is a very quite read because it is set up in poem like form.

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