Monday, December 7, 2009

Charmed Hounted by Desire By: Constance M.Burge

This is a book from a series, this series is about three witches that deal with a lot of problems, other witches and demonds. In this book Phoebe desides that she wants to go to college to make her life a little better.
When in one of her classes she meets a man named bret, they start dating and it's all good till his ex gets jealous.
Phoebe's sisters start fighting over a guy. Bad stuff always happens when new people come into the three sisters lifes. Pipper and Phoebe and Prue(the three whitches)have to keep the fact that they are witches a secret so they go through a lot making sure it stays that way.
I just like the series Charmed because I just like the fact that it is a mystery. The book is 181 pages. Not to long. If you like withches mystery and conflict this is the book for you.

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