Monday, December 7, 2009

Gentle's Holler By:Kerry Madden

This is a book about a girl named Livy Two that lives with her 8 younger siblings and 1 older brother, and her two poor parents.They live in North Carolinia in the hills in an old broken house. Their dad writes music and goes around trying to sell it. Never does tho. Their mom does not work she is always tending to the little ones. Livy Two's three year old sister is going blind. Her family is stuggling to survive. The kids find a nice dog and try to train it so thats it can be Gentle's guide dog. They all are trying to help the family make sure that Gentle it healthy.
In a way this is a sad story. It broke my heart to see that the family had such a hard time to make it another week. this is a good book tho.
It is for young adults, and adults. It is 237 pages. There are a lot of suprises in this book.

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